We want you!

Design our official Commemorative Festival T-Shirt for the 2021 Juneteenth Festival.

Show off your creativity and artistic skills and enter to win! 


1st Place prize

and your design will be featured on the Official Annapolis Juneteenth Festival 2021 T-shirt, you will also receive Complimentary vendor space

click the flyer to pay entry fee

entries will only be considered valid with payment  

contest Rules

1. Your design must be original. By submitting a design, you are guaranteeing that it does not contain any copyright material.

2. Designers under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to submit on you behalf.

3. No Profanity.

4. The design must use red, black, green and gold. The design can include a maximum of four different colors.

5. The design must include the event title “Annapolis Juneteenth 2021”.

6. Hand-drawn entries will also be accepted. Hand-drawn entries will need to have clean lines and be colored in dark ink with high contrast between objects and text within the design. This will ensure the design can be easily digitized by a media artist and then reproduced by silkscreen.

7. Only entries paid in full will be considered.

8. Entries must be received by May 1, 2021 and submitted by email to info@annapolisjuneteenth.org.

9. All entry emails should have the subject line “T-shirt Design Contest”. Please include your full name and phone number.

10. Entries become the property of Annapolis Juneteenth 2021.

11. We will be announcing the winner on May 15, 2021.